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She's from Belgium, and i'm from the US.. It's technically a long distance relationship that i hope will work out for the both of us: My issue is once I meet someone and speak to them a few times I'm not sure what to do after the few hours of no response. This may sound weird but I leave it be and then the next day comes and I'm not sure if sending the text will sound weird creepy or needy. I hear if they don't text back they're not into you but I also hear that if it's the 1st day or so then it's nothing unusual but then I end up not knowing if I should continue to text or not and then the chances are gone.

So the short version I recently came out from a bad break-up, which is got myself very implicated and really took a toll on me interpreting things. Now 2months after the break-up I have moved on and started talking to this girl for couple of months now, I decided that I will take it very slow this time around as I don't want to get burned again. The conversation for me isnt that deep as I think it should have been and she does take quite a while to respond where I am also always the one that initiate the conversation.

She sends mix signals through her snapchat with asking me if that top looks good on her and some photo of her without any makeups on, I kinda told her already of my story 'bad break-up' she also told me she been in one last year but is taking it very slow. I asked her out like a week ago for a first date over dinner this coming saturday and she said yes, took it as a good sign. I kept the conversation going, message her in the morning before I start work it would be like have an enjoyable day and be amazing. I don't want to sound to shallow, but yesterday I message her and told her I am already having good impression of her, she received and saw the message but didnt reply she did tell me she is busy with a report she had to finish for her work.

I dunno I am rushing things or I should keep texting her and also see how it goes at dinner. I try my best to stay up with the comments, even when the hubs start to age a little here and there. Andrea, I went out on a the vibe I got when she invited me to see her and applied for a passport a week ago. I casually told her I had applied and I would get the passport in about 3 weeks I expedited it.

She told me that she would look at her day planner for what week would be good for her so she could make time for when I fly out. I said find out and we can go from there and we stopped messaging. I sent her a snap from today from Disney and mentioned the time would have been perfect if she was there. She replied, "K that rollercoaster looks awesome". I have to be honest and say I was a bit confused. She doesn't seem excited I'm making an effort trying to see her or that I take the time of day to message her or send her a Snapchat message.

I get that you can't see how someone acts though message but you can definitely feel when someone is just not into the conversation. Seems a bit forced. I feel like I'm not getting any positive responses and I felt like I put myself out there and there's nothing in return. Is it safe to say I should walk away from this lost cause?

My cute boss texted on my day off. Nice but not necessary. I was doing my job. Got an effusive thank you. Hi,I tried the being positive approach and to be honest it had its upside but also a downside. So eventually I acted like I didn't really care and made light of her workload and gave her a friendly dig about her lack of responses to messages. So far so good as her messages have become more frequent and lengthy like before. All it shows me is the "treat them mean,keep them keen" technique works better than trying to be nice: I've given her 2 chances to be straight with me,even saying if she doesn't feel anything for me then delete my number.

She didn't delete me and just said she'd had a heavy weekend she'd been away for a girls weekend and then she had come back to a ton of work. Even as I'm writing this I'm realizing how I must be coming across to her but I just miss our chats. You may be over thinking. Have you only gone on one date? You need to think more about how you can interact more in person and less in text. If you like when she sends you pictures, let her know you like that.

Keep sending positivity her way. You'll want to send her messages to brighten her day.

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If you are sending her insecure messages, that won't be in your favor. Sometimes take a break from texting, refresh your mind, and then jump back in with something whimsical that will catch her attention. When you feel comfortable, try for another date. Anyway we decided to meet up and I stayed at her house on the sofa because we'd been out for a drink. Before she went to bed she told me she liked me but doesn't kiss on a first date and if she didn't like me I wouldn't of been staying over. I told her if she wasn't into me anymore to just be straight with me,she told me I was over thinking. She used to send me pictures of herself trying outfits on and of her after a work out etc but that sort of thing has stopped. It sounds like she is initiating a lot -- I mean, inviting you to see her? I think you should pursue this. I think you have enough of a green light. Sounds like she wishes she could be with you.

It is a massive hurdle when you have the much long distance.

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Is there anywhere either of you could fix that? All you have right now is your conversations, so put as much positivity on that. Try changing it up. Call each other, video chat, sends gifts. You both clearly like each other. I met a girl in Vegas 3 years ago we kept in touch throughout the years until the end. She got a bf and he of course was a jealous guy and made her delete multiple numbers and accounts. Fast forward to now 3years later she randomly text me and asked if I remember her.

I of course did, and she invited me back to vegas for her bday. I met up asked her if she was seeing anyone she said no, we made out and before you know it the weekend was over. She's back in her county Canada and I'm back in California. She began to text me right after vegas telling me things about her life and how she missed me etc.

A few days later I barely get a text back or it's short and she will stop replying randomly. Hours go by and she will send me a Snapchat. I try to initiate the convo but every time it falls in the same texting pattern. I gave in and told her I missed her. She said she did too and if she could fly to me tomorrow she would. I keep getting mixed signals I'm not sure if I should pursue her or leave it alone.

We can still be friends but I just don't want to put myself out there wasting her time or mine. What are your thoughts? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Keep putting positive energy on this. I'm not sure I have enough information here to know what is happening. Women often don't initiate in texting. If she makes a point to respond to you, then you are in a good spot. Spend more time with her in person and see if you can get a better vibe. It sounds like you guys need to spend time in person, if possible. Your texting habits together are quite normal and positive. Women often like men to initiate, even when it comes to texting.

This is their way of knowing if you are really interested and are going to stay consistent and really stick.

How To Tell If A Woman Isn't Interested In You (Nonverbal Signs!)

Men tend to talk to several women at once, so women tend to think you're not being very serious till after some time of being consistent. That's part of the thought process. You have a problem not when she doesn't initiate, but when she doesn't respond. If she is making a point to respond to you, then she has some amount of interest. You can play the game to see if you go a week or so cold and if she'll respond on her own -- but some women, I have found, have stronger self-control, and would take longer than you expect to get back to you.

I think more than anything, you shouldn't worry about whether she is initiating. You can tell her you like when she initiates text messages at a time when she does, and that might give her the hint that you would like that. But essentially she is allowing you to take some control and direction to the relationship.

Nothing in your message to me shows that she is sending you anything negative. So you are in a good spot.

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It sounds like you are in a positive situation. Do you try to do things outside of your comfort zone with her? You mentioned she'll try fishing and hiking with you, what kind of interests does she have? Sometimes it is easier for women to follow the interests of men, and then men don't necessarily look into the woman's world. I think considering this, and trying something she enjoys could help forward the relationship here.

It sounds to me like she is interested if she's using positive text messaging methods, like exclamation points and emojis.