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How to Identify an Original Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer Video | My Les Paul Forum

If you have a you can change it to to improve switching switching is the one thing about TS-9s that sucks! I think the new TS-9 sounds the same as the earlier reissues and last originals. Quote message in reply? In order to be able to post messages on the Jemsite forums, you must first register.

How to Identify an Original Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer Video

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Identify an original TS9?

My Les Paul Forum. MLPers, I thought I would share with you my latest video I just put together going through step by step on how to identify if your Ibanez TS-9 is an original from the early 80s.

A friend of mine lent me his pedal and asked if I could verify if it was original so I thought doing a video on it might be helpful. Let me know your thoughts.

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Yeah I forgot to say that when I was going through it. I didn't watch the video, but if you are at a shop that won't let you pull the innards, I found by looking at the screws on the bottom plate is a tell-tale sign.

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Not to be confused with the later TS-9DX. The TS-9 circuit was also used in the UE mains-powered floor multi-effects. I used to own one, and of course I sold it… and how I regret it now!

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I wonder where it is now? TS Tube Screamer Classic: This one took a while.


Analog Man Vintage guitar effects

The TS can be had for a lot less than a 9, and will sound close enough, if not just as good. The pots are also mounted directly to the pcb, and while they have a little more support from the box than the jacks, they are definitely a potential weak spot.

Vintage Vs Modern Tube Screamer Chip A/B Test

Once again, Ibanez launched a line of pedals without a Tube Screamer in the lineup. It sounds a little darker than the others, but has a good tone of its own. This one also has its pots mounted the same way as the TS, plus the enclosure itself is plastic… Still, there are plenty of them around, so they must be relatively sturdy. It also has a gain boost switch, which more than doubles the max gain. Current production models are much more reliable, though. All in all, the TS7 — as indeed the whole 7 series — is a good, if slightly underrated pedal.