Hots matchmaking takes forever

Lets do some QM on your own. FYI, the Dev team just made a progress report on queue times. Here is the full report.

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As a result of the changes we plan to implement, higher-skilled players may see longer queue times in exchange for higher quality matches. IDK if they implemented that yet but I've been getting way longer queue times for QM even during prime peak hours. They mentioned people who are higher skilled will get longer queue times but I think across the board a lot of people will see their queue times increase.

Again idk if they just snuck that in already and now that change is live. What kinds of queue times are you seeing? I'm sitting at 13 minutes now again It shouldn't go past 10 min s , game force ques at that point. Only in TL that doesn't happen so I can only assume there is some kind of bug.

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I would say do Unranked over quick match if you want normal comps. If you just want to play, where you won't get healers and tanks a lot of the time, but can play what ever you want, play QM. To give you a little more detail on why TL has issues; you can only queue as either 2, 3 or 5 man parties, but overwhelmingly people seem to want to queue as 2 and not 3, which means that it is very hard to find a 3-man to compliment every 2-man group, leading to high queue time if you queue as just 2.

You'll have a lot better luck with Team League on weekends, but outside of that it's pretty dead. I'm surprised by these comments. The mode is not dead. The problem with TL is not the lack of players. The problem is that most of the players queue as a party of 2 for TL.

Because queuing solo si not possible for TL, then the game needs to find you another party of 3 to complete the team and start the match.

It needs to find the same for the opposite team. But finding parties of 3 is hard since most people queue as 2. Just get one more friend, or use the looking for party option or a chat group to find a third person. Queue as 3 and see how fast you'll find games, sometimes instant.

It even says so in the TL screen, you can see the estimates for queuing as 2 or as 3, the difference is huge.

I tried to play quick match with some friends and had the same issue. We were waiting over 15 minutes then just gave up.

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  • Is this game alive? 15 minute+ search time (so far) for new player : heroesofthestorm.

We were so desperate to get in at least one game we tried azmodunk. Still nothing but we kinda expected that. Is there a mode that's more active than quick match? Play unranked, much better than quick match. Also team league is not dead, it's not hihky populates either but on normal hours me and my friends find a game in less than 10 minutes. If you queue with 3, the TL queue will be instant. Maybe on an incorrect server? Unless you have either super-high or super-low MMR.

This could be it. I had server set to "best match" and under that it said singapore had the best ping I'm in california. I reset my client, now it says US west has best ping. That's almost definitely it. The population of people with an NA account connecting to the Singapore server is probably close to being just you: It is made worse if you queue during the morning or early afternoon on weekdays.

I watch TGN squadron which is this gaming group on youtube that plays together. They queue as a 5 man team and even they get games under seconds in TL. Your friend may be more experienced so the mm is having a tough time matching that to an equally skilled grouping in TL. It doesn't have anything recent to seed from. Play QM for awhile so the game can gauge where you are at. It's almost 9pm here. Started trying around 5, quit for a while, came back at 7: Trying unranked again, last time gave up.

Also games are super laggy, but I'm on 1GB internet and never lag in any other game downloading the entire game took me like 20 seconds.

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Is this normal too, or somehow am I being matched to other servers because there aren't enough people playing? Are you on wifi? If your wifi connection isn't good, you'll get tots of lag. I go with ethernet. Unfortunately there is probably something screwy in your settings. The game runs extremely smooth and is pretty resource unintensive. If you are queueing up for team league, there are more 2 player teams then there are 3 player teams. If you add a 3rd for that it will go faster. If you are doing anything else, I don't know why you cant find a game.

I'm player level 98 and am able to find games, but I'm also playing typically with teams of 3 or 5. I was trying team league at first, but gave up after almost 20 minutes. QM also is taking a long time, but after 15 minutes I found a game. Unranked so far has not been able to find a game at all.

Hey man, I'm sorry to hear about it! I recently had a very similar experience, though I was the high level player.

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Heroes of the storm matchmaking takes forever

Forgot your username or password? Chefcook90 Chefcook90 1 year ago 2 Depends on what mode you're queuing for. AsucaHayashi AsucaHayashi 1 year ago 3 Chefcook90 posted Chefcook90 Chefcook90 1 year ago 4 AsucaHayashi posted Zignoff Zignoff 1 year ago 9 Also just so you know, what this comes down to is you HotS suffering due to people who have no interest in the game and never will have interest in the game, having a limited available time to get a very unique skin that can only be done in one way. Imperius hero trailer out. Yes, I made this topic to brag.