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I have never seen a single crime take place. I have never been harassed or attacked. Mexicans are courteous, nice, and helpful. A few times i needed assistance and Mexicans were right there. A few times, i didn't need assistance and Mexicans were there ready.

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Best night of my life was in Tijuana, Mexico. I even briefly passed out drunk at a table in a nightclub. I've been violently assaulted in America while overly intoxicated and walking down a street with street lights out.

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But I wasn't in Tijuana. I'm sure it can happen in Tijuana just like it can anywhere. I didn't stray out of the tourist section of Tijuana either. I think that there were about two little cafes that managed to open despite the flooding and power loss. I couldn't believe they didn't raise their prices. It was probably more customers in one day than they normally see in five years. At least if the prices were double it would have slowed the rate at which people ate and drank everything in the cafe. While poverty sometimes creates, crime, I think it is much more dependent on age.

Young people are much more prone to violent crime. We forget how much younger Mexicans are than Americans. Originally Posted by rosa surf. This topic pertains to Brazil too. Due to the incident with the US swimmers, people have been talking all kinds of trash about Brazil, it's culture, etc Don't destroy property or get in fights, etc I am a gringo who has lived in Playas De Tj just south of the boarder.

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Moved here about a year ago. I love the fact I rent a 1bd apt right on the beach for a month. Playas is very safe. Most of TJ is to. Well compared to San Diego. Difference is the homeless and beggars in Mexico at least try to make a buck. Do you car window. Sell anything, open the door for you something.

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If you tell one of these people in Mexico No, 9 times out of 10 they listen and don't bug yaw. If you give someone 10 pesos or even less. Most in Mexico are grateful. In San Diego give someone a dollar cause u felt you should for whatever reason and most likely you will get harassed for more. As an Uber driver in San Diego I just try and avoid those areas and conflict. So from a local.

Mostly just be advised the common things are. Being targeted by police in mix. If you are driving and get pulled over just about 20 bucks makes them go away. Remember they may make 25 to 40 bucks a day. If you are driving be careful and buy the Mexico liability insurance. It is not a matter of if something will happen on the road. Pot holes, broken down cars, Dui checkpoints, A cluster mess at turnabouts and boarder crossings, so drive defensive, no street signs or signals. Gouge maps is good but keep your eye on the road. Lots of one-way streets.

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In the area around the Red Light district, have some street smarts and dont be stupid. Do some web searchers for what you are looking for and you will probably find it on Choila , The North end of Revolution North of the arch and west about 4 blocks. Ironical but the flea market in this area is not bad. Fish Tacos in the area, I like Titos. You going Clubbing, say around Revolution and 6th aprox. You will find lots going on.