Dating customs in italy

Conversely, in Italian night clubs, I have witnessed people of my age sitting with a group of friends while meeting new people, exchanging phone numbers, getting a few drinks, and talking for lengthy amounts of time. As a member of a fraternity myself, I found these disparities both shocking and refreshing. It is actually more common to be in a relationship than to not be in one in Italy which differs drastically from America, where the majority of teens and young adults seem to have little interest in dating until later in life.

Relationships in Italy versus America

Daniella himself has been in three long-term relationships each lasting from years. Not only is dating more common in Italy, but they often last much longer than American relationships, which often end in less than one year.

Additionally, Italians usually live with their parents until marriage—a stark contrast from American lifestyle where adolescents usually leave the house at age All this evidence exemplifies the relaxed, slow-paced, and enjoyable Sicilian lifestyle. Italians are more content with delayed gratification, evidenced by their non-adoption, and even rejection, of American hookup culture.

Moreover, Italians are in no rush to get married and are perfectly content with dating for years prior. There is something Americans find exquisitely irresistible about Italians.

Italians, like many Europeans, are obviously doing something right. Living to Work Vs Working to Live: This work ethic Americans are so proud of is ruining lives as we speak.

Every time work takes precedence over your lover, the flame dies a little. We have to work to survive, but when you chose it over the rest of your life, be prepared to face the consequences. Like walking in on your wife sleeping with the pool boy.

Love, Italian Style: Old-Fashioned Romance Lives in Italy - Our Paesani -

The Definition of Monogamy: There is a difference between someone being your lover and someone being your slave; Americans have a hard time grasping that. The jealousy factor is much too prominent amongst American relationships, turning most free time together into a battle of defense: Show some confidence; nothing shines brighter.

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A Life Outside Your Relationship: Get a life, pursue your dreams; there is nothing sexier than someone with their own ambitions. Sex is Porno, With a Twist: Instead of taking the traditional oral to penetration route, try arousing all the senses first. Leave the clothes on and be fearless in your explorations. Any wise person will tell you there is a lot to learn from even the shortest of romantic encounters; grab a pen.

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