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What is the best CSGO platform in Asia?

There are a couple of options out there. You can either start pugging against really good people, search for a team and play scrims or try to get into leagues. There are three third party companies that offer such services: After playing on them for about a year now I think that I can give pretty good insight on what these services do well.

This will give you a pretty decent understanding about which service is best suited for you. You can find a breakdown of the pricing at the end of this article. Lets look at the pros and cons of these services: Resulting in stupid and overly aggressive gameplay. Website is horrible to navigate in.

We break down the leading CSGO platforms in Asia

ESEA scores with the best anti-cheat in the game, good players right out of the gate and no need of grinding ladders. It lacks endgame competition due to not having a ladder though. Faceit has a ladder system going for them, which starts off with a long grind through trolls and bad players. If you just want to play with friendly and good players ESEA is recommended.

CEVO wins if you want to stay free to play.

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Both of us dont have prime matchmaking, every match there are couple of cheaters, mostly "legit cheating" im not talking about smurfs, they are okay, i understand them. Situation on non-prime matchmaking is about who get more obvious will win the game.


Matchmaking vs ESEA : GlobalOffensive

Is situation the same on prime matchmaking games? I really love this game and im sad about what is happening above Distinguished Master Guardian rank.

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Also, there are alot less cheaters in silver to Master Guardian ranks, i dont know why but thats true. I Think this game is dying mostly because of cheaters community in my opinion.

CS:GO - ESEA vs Faceit vs Matchmaking

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Understanding the Main difference between ESEA, FACEIT and CEVO

Cyanfrost View Profile View Posts. This is a lot of BS, VAC and OW work perfectly fine and the only compromise they made was delaying the bans for unknown times and all the cheaters are caught in the end, so I call this thread a low effort thread because of the research NOT made by the thread creator.

We'll compare the best 3rd-party matchmaking services for you!

Fallen View Profile View Posts. Isn't Vac Net getting better? I heard cheater community was dieing my friend said that he hasn't seen a cheater for along time. Originally posted by Fallen:.