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You would not be able to filter out women who fall into this category with some sort of transgender indicator. I mean, something like that would basically put an expiration date on the relationship. I'd be fine with being a FWB with someone who's sterile, but I'd want to keep myself open to meet someone who isn't.

I'm not going to say it would be impossible for her to keep me around, but it'd be highly unlikely. It's not the same as someone who is transgender as I'm not okay with even casual sex in a same-sex scenario. This seems somewhat analogous to a recent CMV post about people with disabilities e. The OP said they felt that a person should have put that they use a wheelchair on their dating profile.

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We can debate or disagree as to if that is wise or fair to omit that, but that is different than arguing that you are entitled to that information. You might even argue that they are major factors for MOST people. And yet, why should we allow filters for one thing and not another? Should we create separate categories for people who have autism or learning disabilities? What about people who have undergone a mastectomy? Should amputees have to put that on their profile? What about intersex people?

But will this app be able to stop its users from seeing trans women as a fetish?

What is a dealbreaker for you might not be a dealbreaker for someone else. That differs by person, so where do we draw the line feasibly? Do we make every person upload a detailed profile of everything that someone might care about in a prospective partner and make the results endlessly searchable? That sounds clunky to me.

Gender is a pretty big deal, the genders you're interested in are typically one of the first questions a dating site asks you. By that logic, we should have no filters at all - and you should just see everyone with no filters at all, which would be a miserable user experience no one would use.

My profiles say that I don't do trans people or homosexuals, but not everyone reads, and a rare few have even perceived that as a challenge. Nothing can be done about that, block and move on.

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Still: I'd like a filter for when I'm browsing to automatically filter out trans people. It's my experience that most trans people are fairly open about it on their dating profiles, and if not they make it a point to inform you before the first date. I've only ever had one date where the person was trans and I didn't find out until we were actually sitting at the bar. I'd think that this would only make things more convenient for trans people as everything you described would be avoided entirely if they could indicate that they're trans and, by proxy, filter only on other individuals who are okay with their gender identity and be filtered out by people who aren't.

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That's a good idea, man - but we don't really have anything like that right now. My main thing is when I'm looking at matches I want to be able to not see transgender folks, that would accommodate that. Lesbians are also being killed in Chechnya and 'no-one seems to care'. Philippines beauty queen marries high school crush 15 years after they met. Bisexual porn star reveals why he only wants to film gay porn scenes.

Willam finally tells all about the shocking Drag Race disqualification. Trans parents: 'Don't allow being transgender to scare you from creating a family'. The secret gay history of Islam. Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista: Homophobes 'can suck my balls'. Gay hospice patient marries boyfriend in bittersweet bedside ceremony.

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Lance Bass reveals he came out to Britney Spears on her wedding night. Shawn Mendes criticized for not helping fan to come out to her parents. Tituss Burgess slams Trump in new song, Woman pushes anti-gay priest off stage in front of 50, Catholic congregants.

Rafaella Gunz. Got a news tip? TS Dates is a free online dating platform for hooking up with local singles. It is used by singles and transgendered or transsexuals gay, lesbians, or bi-sexual.

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This site has a stunning, 75 million plus members from every part of the world. My Transsexual Date is an online dating site for transgender women and guys with interest in transgender women, designed by a team of transgender women. A team of transgender women who understand the challenges transgender women face finding love. It is claimed to be the first decent dating site for transgender women, transsexual women, transvestites.

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Trans Single is an online dating platform for majorly transgendered dating. It can be used by single or others in others in other forms of relationships. It is one of the only places on the internet where transgendered and transsexuals can find love without fear of being judged and stereotyped.