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Flushing Asian Personals Rewel Segovia. Ethnic Chinese constitute an increasingly dominant proportion of the Asian population and as well as of the overall population in Flushing. Consequently, Flushing's Chinatown has grown rapidly enough to become the largest Chinatown outside Asia and has surpassed the Manhattan Chinatown in size.

High rates of both legal [27] [28] and illegal [29] immigration from Mainland China continue to spur the ongoing rise of the ethnic Chinese population in Flushing, as in all of New York City's Chinatowns. Flushing now rivals Manhattan's Chinatown as a center of Chinese culture [32] and has been called the "Chinese Manhattan". More and larger Chinese supermarkets are locating and selling a diverse and uniquely vast array of Chinese food and ingredient selections in Flushing, the largest of which include Hong Kong Supermarket and New York Supermarket, which also happen to be rapidly growing Chinese American chain supermarkets.

Flushing's rise as an epicenter of Chinese culture outside Asia has been attributed to the remarkable diversity of regional Chinese demographics represented. SinoVision , founded in , one of the largest and most influential Chinese language television networks in North America has offices in Flushing while headquartered in Midtown Manhattan. Even the relatively obscure Dongbei style of cuisine indigenous to Northeast China is now available in Flushing, [38] as well as Mongolian cuisine and Uyghur cuisine.

Given its rapidly growing status, the Flushing Chinatown has surpassed in size and population the original New York City Chinatown in the borough of Manhattan [16] and this substantial growth has resulted in a commensurate rise in this Chinatown's cultural status. In accompaniment with its rapid growth, Flushing in particular has witnessed the proliferation of highly competitive businesses touted as educational centers as well as non-profit organizations declaring the intent to educate the community.

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Some entities offer education in Mandarin , [42] the lingua franca of Mainland China; others profess to provide students with intensive training in computer and technological proficiency; while still others entice high school students with rigorous preparatory classes for college entrance examinations in mathematics, science, and English literacy. A diverse array of social services geared toward assisting recent as well as established Chinese immigrants is readily available in Flushing.

The Elmhurst Chinatown on Broadway in nearby Elmhurst , another neighborhood in the borough of Queens, also has a large and rapidly growing Chinese community and is developing as a satellite of the Flushing Chinatown. Previously a small area with Chinese shops on Broadway between 81st Street and Cornish Avenue, this newly evolved second Chinatown in Queens has now expanded to 45th Avenue and Whitney Avenue.

A third and fledgling Chinatown is now emerging in Queens, geographically between Flushing and Elmhurst, in the neighborhood of Corona. In the s, a continuous stream of Korean immigrants emerged into Flushing, many of whom began as workers in the medical field or Korean international students who had moved to New York City to find or initiate professional or entrepreneurial positions. As the community grew in wealth and population and rose in socioeconomic status , Koreans expanded their presence eastward along Northern Boulevard , buying homes [52] in more affluent and less crowded Queens neighborhoods and more recently into adjacent suburban Nassau County, bringing their businesses with them, and thereby expanding the Koreatown itself.

Per the United States Census , the Korean population of Queens was 64,, [51] representing the largest municipality in the United States with a density of at least Korean Americans per square mile ; while the Korean population of Nassau County had increased by nearly two-thirds to approximately 14, over one decade since the Census.

Korean and English are both spoken prevalently. A significant array of social services toward assisting recent and established Korean immigrants is available in Koreatown. There is also a significant population of Korean-Chinese or Chinese-Koreans in Flushing that bridge the Chinese and Korean communities. They can speak Mandarin, Korean, and English.

The neighborhood of East Flushing, technically within Greater Flushing, also houses a substantial Chinese community along with most of Downtown Flushing. This neighborhood tends to be more diverse visibly than Downtown Flushing because of the more even distribution of the ethnicities of East Flushing residents resulting in more businesses catering to each community rather than the dominance of Chinese and to a lesser extent Korean businesses in Downtown Flushing.

The northeastern section of Flushing near Bayside continues to maintain large Italian and Greek presences that are reflected in its many Italian and Greek bakeries, grocery stores and restaurants. The northwest is a mix of Jews , Greeks , and Italians. Broadway-Flushing , also known as North Flushing, is a residential area with many large homes. Part of this area has been designated a State and Federal historic district due to the elegant, park-like character of the neighborhood.

Much of the area has been rezoned by the City of New York to preserve the low density, residential quality of the neighborhood. Broadway-Flushing is approximately bounded by 29th Avenue to the north, Northern Boulevard and Crocheron Avenue to the south, th Street to the west, and nd Streets to the east.

Its borders are defined as 25th Avenue to Willets Point Boulevard. Linden Hill was originally a rural estate owned by the Mitchell family.

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Ernest Mitchell owned an adjacent area known as Breezy Hill and his father owned the area now called Linden Hill. A major change in the rural nature of Linden Hill occurred in the early s. Neisloss Brothers with architect Benjamin Braunstein envisioned a cooperative project to be set on Linden Hill and landfill of an adjacent swamp which would provide middle-income housing to veterans of World War II and the Korean War [61] under Section of the Federal Housing Act of Paul was additionally the architect of Embassy Arms. In total, 41 six-story buildings containing 3, apartments comprising the Linden Hill, Mitchell Gardens, Linden Towers, and Embassy Arms cooperatives were erected.

The Asian-American population has expanded markedly in the southern part of Linden Hill in the past decade as it has throughout Flushing and the Latino-American population has also grown noticeably. Conversely, the European-American population has lessened somewhat, though European-Americans still remain in great numbers north of Bayside Avenue, west of th Street.

Traditionally the home of families of Irish and Italian immigrants, many Korean and Chinese immigrants have moved into Murray Hill in recent years.

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Before the area was developed for residential housing in , Murray Hill was the location of several large nurseries owned by the King, Murray, and Parsons families. Comic strip artist Richard F. Turtle Playground serves the residents of this section of Flushing. This area is often referred to as South Flushing. This may also refer to Pomonok. The Waldheim neighborhood, an estate subdivision in Flushing constructed primarily between and , is a small district of upscale "in-town" suburban architecture that preservationists have tried to save for at least twenty-five years.

Waldheim, German for "home in the woods", known for its large homes of varying architectural styles, laid out in an unusual street pattern, was the home of some of Flushing's wealthiest residents until the s. Notable residents include the Helmann family of condiment fame, the Steinway family of piano notability, as well as A. Douglas Nash, who managed a nearby Tiffany glass plant. The neighborhood was rezoned by the City of New York in , in order to halt the destruction of its original housing stock, which began in the late s, and to help preserve the low density, residential character of the neighborhood.

As with the Broadway neighborhood, preservationists have been unable to secure designation as an Historic District by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission to date. The area is immediately southeast of the downtown Flushing commercial core, and adjacent to Kissena Park. Flushing is among the most religiously diverse communities in America. Mel Roman Catholic Church, St. Michael's Catholic Church, St. There are "over places of worship in a small urban neighborhood about 2. In , while Flushing was still a Dutch settlement, a document known as the Flushing Remonstrance was created by Edward Hart, the town clerk, where some thirty ordinary citizens protested a ban imposed by Peter Stuyvesant, the director general of New Amsterdam, forbidding the harboring of Quakers.

The Remonstrants cited the Flushing Town charter of which promised liberty of conscience. Flushing has many landmark buildings. George's Church , the Lewis H. There is a stone marker for the two 5,year Westinghouse Time Capsules made of special alloys buried in the park, chronicling 20th-century life in the United States, dedicated both in and The Botanical Garden carries on Flushing's nearly three centuries-long horticultural tradition, dating back to its once famed tree nurseries and seed farms.

Many shopping malls and entertainment centers have emerged in the heart of Flushing. These multi-use businesses serve as sites for both business and leisure. There are numerous public Elementary and Junior High Schools in Flushing and students generally attend a school based on the location of their residence.

Public elementary and middle schools include: John Bowne Elementary P. The six public high schools in Flushing are:. This school consists of grades 6, 7, and 8. The school was named after scientist Rachel Carson , the writer of Silent Spring which inspired people to name the school after her; it opened in Each year in June for the 8th graders they have a senior trip to the Poconos.

In the school took ownership of a park called Rachel Carson Playground , which is right across from the school. Judith Friedman is the principal of the school, which has over [86] students. Since the school made room for a new school to use the space up on the 4th floor for the East-West School of International Studies.

It opened in September with 6th through 12th grade classes. The East-West School curriculum prepares students to graduate high school with a Regents' diploma and proficiency in Mandarin Chinese , Japanese , or Korean. Athletic clubs and teams include basketball, yoga, martial arts, soccer, t'ai chi , judo, volleyball, and table tennis. The private high schools include:.

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Queens College , founded in , is a senior college of the City University of New York CUNY , and is commonly misconstrued to be within Flushing neighborhood limits due to its Flushing mailing address. In , the first library in Queens County was founded in Flushing.


The current building, designed by Polshek Partnership Architects, is the third to be built on the site—the first was a gift of Andrew Carnegie. New York Hospital Queens formerly known as Booth Memorial Hospital , a member of the New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System , is a major medical center providing Flushing as well as surrounding communities with comprehensive medical care services. The Flushing—Main Street subway station , located at the intersection of Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue, is the eastern terminus of the line. The political stature of Flushing appears to be increasing significantly, with many Chinese from Flushing becoming New York City Council members.

He is running for the New York State Senate in in the 11th district after defeating the incumbent in the primary.