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Actions Speak Louder Than Words: How to Tell When He’s In Love With You

They are common signs the other person does not value the relationship the way you do. Instead, the person is distracting you from the core issues and hoping you will not hold them accountable in moving the relationship forward. In other words, their actions toward you are speaking louder than their words. Even if someone is saying all the right things, you may have a nagging intuition that something in the relationship does not add up.

To keep the relationship intact, you might pocket your intuition and justify to yourself any lack of follow through. It is hard to discern untruth in relationships. Your gut feelings, your inner wisdom, are connected with your emotions—and your heart. Intuition can tell you when something is off, not quite right, or missing in a relationship. But even if your intuition is telling you something is wrong, you may rely on your mind to justify moving forward.

You might allow your mind to convince you to continue in a relationship even when your intuition is telling you to head in the other direction. Use your mind and your intuition to guide you in managing relationships with others. Keep in mind that old but true axiom: People will show you with their behaviors how they really feel about you and where or if you fit into their lives.

All you have to do is use your mind and your heart to evaluate their actions toward you. If you do, you reduce the finite space in your life reserved for better things—and better people.

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If you listen, really listen, and make decisions based on the truth, you will soon find yourself surrounded by people who respect you. People who demonstrate their love for you with their words, actions, and behaviors. Have you ever had a relationship with someone who was an excellent communicator but made only empty promises?

How did you cope? Did you leave the relationship? There is a relationship that will work for you. Sometimes all you need is a nudge in the right direction.

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If you are struggling with your current relationship, newly divorced and looking to get back in the dating scene, or single and trying to find the right person for you, maybe I can help. Listen and Learn Have you ever had a relationship with someone who says all the right things, but when it gets down to the nitty-gritty, they fail to follow through? Listen to Your Intuition Even if someone is saying all the right things, you may have a nagging intuition that something in the relationship does not add up.

Create Space for Healthy Relationships Keep in mind that old but true axiom: However there some behavioral standards that indicate which direction the relationship is moving towards. I always say that that the two things that identify if your relationship is healthy is peace and progress.

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But actions will always speak louder. Here are just a few key actions that really indicate your relationship is heading to the next level:. Moving into an apartment or shared house together is a big step in your relationship. It means you trust them enough to become a part of your daily life and be the person they are in contact with the most in your life.

However, sometimes in order to show that love in a tangible form, actions do speak louder than words. Marriage symbolises the level of commitment that you have for one another.

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As you can imagine when you have kids, you want them to find the best suitor for them. Someone who truly cares loves and cherishes them. You will be on display, and your actions will be studied. Sitting down to budget your future together is a great sign of maturity. A practical solution is sometimes better than a romantic one-liner. Like any healthy relationship there will be moments when actions and words will contradict each other occasionally, but that is where good communication comes in.